Woodcraft Hand and Lever Guards are designed to help to prevent a common and often violent crash on the race track when two riders make contact. Our exclusive patent-pending design is easily mounted, durable, and adjustable.

Ride Strong
Each mount is machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum with a durable anodized finish. The guards are made from a special plastic that is made to have a little give, so that you have a better chance of staying in control during contact. They also help to protect the clutch and brake levers during a crash.
Ride Smart
Our patent-pending design mounts to any 7/8" handlebar and is adjustable for any sized levers. The unique 30 degree down angle helps to keep the guards from interfering with the rider's hands while on the track.
Ride Affordably
Instead of replacing the whole hand-guard assembly after a crash, Woodcraft offers replacement parts for cost-effective repairs.

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