Are you sick of expensive bodywork kits that are hard to install and repair? Then you want the best in bodywork - you want Armour Bodies

  • Ease of Installation - Nothing matters more than having bodywork fit properly. Armour Bodies produces each piece from high-precision molds with special resins that minimize shrinkage for the best possible fit.
  • Ready to Finish - Armour Bodies comes with an industry-leading urethane primer that needs only a light scuff and is ready for paint. This not only leads to a beautiful finish but also saves in preparation time. **bodywork shipping inspection process**
  • Flexible and Repairable - Originally created to withstand rocky impacts on lightweight racing kayaks, our specially formulated resin provides superior flexibility and weight savings. This resin also forms the best available bond with common fiberglass repair kits, giving you the most durable repairs possible.
  • Selection and Value - Our wide selection of Pro Series bodywork produced consistently with proper fit, top-notch finish, flexibility with replacement parts readily available make Armour Bodies the best value on the market today dollar for dollar.
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