Exclusively available from Woodcraft - Our Key Switch eliminator lets you remove your stock ignition switch saving weight where it counts - up high!

There is no longer a need for keys. Removing your stock ignition will also free up valuable space for steering dampers and lap timers.  
No need to cut any wires! The best thing about our Key Switch Eliminator is the ability to simply "Plug and Play". It installs in seconds and requires no modifications to your stock harness This means easy re-installation of stock components down the road. 
NOTE:  Most of these harnesses are for US models only on Japanese motorcycles.  If you have a Japanese bike and live outside the USA, look for a Euro model application or call us, we are happy to help.  Do not order the USA model harness if you live abroad, it will likely not work!  European motorcycles (Triumph, Ducati, etc...) are the same worldwide so if we have a harness for a US model it all work everywhere.
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