Customizable Race Handlebar Switches help you customize your racing experience beyond what you ever thought was possible.
Dual Temp Tire Warmers have elasticized Polartec Windpro fleece side curtains which not only dramatically cut heat loss but also saw a 10 degree gain in rim temperature!
Keyswitch Elimination Harnesses let you remove your stock ignition switch saving weight where it counts - up high! Removing your stock ignition will also free up valuable space for steering dampers and lap timers
Servo Buddy is a must-have when switching to an aftermarket exhaust, and even works great with a factory system if you want to eliminate the servo motor and fix the exhaust valve in the open position.
Sidestand Switch Eliminator will let you remove your side stand with no additional effort. Need to put the side stand back on? Want to sell your stock parts on eBay? Keeping your OEM wires intact on either side of the connection makes your life easier!

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