Woodcraft Technologies | Klucky Pucks
January 03, 2020
Klucky Pucks

The staff at Woodcraft have been racing for a long time and have always felt that "Klucky Pucks" were the best in the business. We thought that this product line would be the perfect addition to the Woodcraft family and when the opportunity arose to add Klucky Pucks to our company we jumped at the chance!

In recent years Roadracing World magazine did a comprehensive comparison of all the knee sliders on the market and Klucky Pucks came out Number 1.

Pucks need to last; plain and simple! Klucky Pucks are constructed with a compound developed through years of experience, resulting in a puck that lasts longer than the competition while maintaining the feel that racers need.

If your kneepucks get knocked off while on the track you're in for a long day, and some leather repair. Klucky Pucks have the toughest velcro on the market bar none!