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Woodcraft Technologies | Gen lll Tire Warmers
October 20, 2019
Woodcraft Tire Warmers

When we were talking to our racers about warmer use we couldn't find one person who hadn't seen a warmer damaged when it was accidentally left plugged in. As a result, Woodcraft introduced another innovation with the first safety disconnect cord ever used on a warmer. Power to the warmer is cut the moment you remove it, saving you from expensive and unsafe 'accidents'!

Woodcraft's engineering allows our warmers to run on only 1,000 watts (20% less than the competition) while still supplying maximum heat. When power gets low the Woodcraft warmers will get you heat when the others fail.

Months of testing have shown us that heat loss at the edge of the tire is the greatest factor when it comes to retaining heat from the warmer. As a result Woodcraft has solved this with our new elasticized Polartec Windpro fleece side curtains which not only dramatically cut heat loss but also saw a 10 degree gain in rim temperature!