Woodcraft Technologies | Bar End Sliders
January 26, 2020
bar end sliders

Woodcraft Technologies Bar End Sliders are designed to offer superior protection over what is provided by standard bar ends. Woodcraft bar end sliders are designed to fit Woodcraft clip-on bars and will work with many other aftermarket clip-on bars. Our Standard and Weighted bar ends feature a rubber expansion mounting system while our slider with the integrated hand guard mount features a split aluminum mounting system that bites into the inside of the bar to minimize hand guard movement in the case of an impact

Bar end weights:
Standard: 2 oz. each
Weighted: 4.5 oz. each
Hand Guard Mount: 2.4 oz. each

Woodcraft offers three versions of bar end slider to fit the riders' need. The standard bar end slider is a light weight slider perfect for most racers and track day enthusiasts. The weighted bar end provides additional vibration damping for riders who spend extended periods of time on the bike and are looking for relief from hand numbness associated with excessive vibration. The bar end with integrated hand guard mount provides a surface area needed to mount the Woodcraft Hand Guard without moving your controls and provides considerable extra protection for the lever guards.

Our 2-piece design with its patented perpendicular mounting bolt means that after a crash you won't be digging out a ground down bolt from the center of a destroyed hollow slider. The bar end slider puck mounting system is carried over from our patented frame sliders and ensures that replacing the puck is as easy and fast as possible.

Find the one for you ride here: https://tinyurl.com/y6weocq5