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Woodcraft Technologies | Armour Bodies Superbike Seat Base
January 14, 2020
Armour Bodies

The Superbike (SBK) Seat Base is a new line we are proud to introduce from Armour Bodies for all (new models are continuously added) of our Pro Series bodywork kits. This new SSB unit replaces with the traditional SBK tails of the past allowing for a host of new benefits:

+Easily removable just like your OEM seat unit - no more having to take off the entire SBK tail
+Quick and easy access to all eletronics under the seat unit
+Offers superior rider feedback compared to a stock seat
+Easily change from an SS (supersport) to SBK (superbike) feel
+Change your seat height by varying thickness or stacking foam seat pads
+Custom matched 15mm thick seat pads are available from Armour Bodies for the perfect fit

Visit our website to find one for your bike today: